Phase One: the pilot study


CARE aims to test and develop a methodology for co-produced community learning through creative practice that builds dialogue, promotes self-reflection and reflexivity. The research focuses on hobby craft groups engaged in such activities as 5MjpY0bmiuSa22A_6WYhLdRpHh5_OjuRlp0iirOznmgknitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting, patchwork and lace-making, which are undertaken voluntarily and for pleasure and involve high levels of ingenuity, competence and creativity. These activities represent an important area of community assets and strengths; skills, knowledge, expertise and capabilities that are often devalued or dismissed but which, if re-valued, might be applied more widely through volunteering, training, community activism, the development of small businesses or social enterprise.

About the project

Here is the project abstract

Here is the brief for the creative producers

Here is the brief for the buddy meetings in Cornwall


The first phase of the project differed between the Cornwall and the Birmingham groups:  in Birmingham the “buddy boxes” were handed over in person, with the creative practitioner and the creative respondent initiating a relationship at the same time as the boxes were passed.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe relationship between the buddies became foregrounded as a driver for participation in this case.  In Cornwall, the boxes were sent to the creative respondent without them having met the producers at first; when they had made something that responded to the contents of the boxes the buddies met and discussed this.  Although this was meant to allow the material to foreground in the “call and response” process, some of the buddies felt that they had missed out on the relationship aspect of the buddy boxes.  This is something to be addressed in Phase Two.


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