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“Wandering Methods is an ongoing exploration of ‘slow craft’ at Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin as part of the Bealtaine Festivla, Ireland’s groundbreaking national festival celebrating creativity as we age.

Artists join with local older people to produce, on an incremental basis, artwork inspired by this Office of Public Works property and by the lives of the surrounding community. Participants draw on the location, contents and archives alongside their own memories and stories. Bealtaine Festival are collaborating with crafts development organisation Craftspace, The Office of Public Works and The Department of The Environment on the project. Bealtaine Festival is an initiative of Age & Opportunity funded by the Arts Council of Ireland

Photo Credits – Wandering Methods Workshop, Bealtaine Festival – Lian Bell




Craftspace is a crafts development organisation who work to push boundaries and perceptions of crafts practice, presentation and learning.  We build relationships between artists, people and organisations.  Our ideas explore crafts in diverse social and cultural settings.  We work with others nationally and internationally.  We do this through a programme of touring exhibitions, research and participatory projects.  We have over 20 years experience and continue to be open to new and thought provoking ways of working.  Our work is supportive and developmental, enabling the sharing of skills and  knowledge.  Each project is bespoke. Artists, participants and partners are involved in planning, development, collaboration, documentation and reflection.  We also undertake consultancy to develop and facilitate arts related commissions and initiatives.

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Voluntary Arts aims to promote participation in the arts and crafts across the UK and Republic of Ireland. We recognise that they are a key part of our culture and as such they are absolutely vital to our health, social and economic development.

Over half the UK adult population is involved in the voluntary arts and crafts – those arts and crafts that people undertake for self-improvement, social networking and leisure, but not primarily for payment. They are wide-ranging and include folk, dance, drama, literature, media, music, visual arts, crafts and applied arts, and festivals.

Voluntary Arts works with policy makers, funders and politicians to improve the environment for everyone participating in the arts, and we provide information and training to those who participate in the voluntary arts sector. This includes over 300 national and regional umbrella bodies, and through them, their member groups of local voluntary arts practitioners.

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