Participant profiles

Barbara Cooper

IMG_3432My name is Barbara Cooper, I am 57 years old and I live at The Lizard.  I am married to John and we have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

I learnt to knit at about 4 years old and then went on to making clothes for my dolls out of scrap material. 

Apart from dress making and cross stitch, I didn’t start doing any needlework until 2003 when I was introduced to bobbin lace and I have enjoyed it ever since.

I was then introduced to the West Country Embroiderers in 2008 and haven’t looked back.   I have learnt a lot of different type of embroidery, most I have never heard of.  The help and guidance I have received from these ladies has been invaluable and as new members join I’m sure we will pass on our knowledge to them.

Dawn Marie Denton

IMG_3417Dawn is doing a textiles degree in Birmingham.  She is originally from Oxford.

Elsie Embley

Picture1Elsie lives in Birmingham and loves crafting.  She has taught Rosie the iris technique, working with paper.iris

Hannah Maughan

IMG_3402Hannah teaches on the textiles degree at FalmouthIMG_3235 University.

Jane Powell

IMG_3439Jane studied Fine Art at Canterbury School of Art and Design, gaining a Degree in Sculpture. She worked as a consultant in the design and publishing industry for over 25 years before moving permanently to Cornwall in 2005. Since then she has been concentrating on her own creative work.

Jane is currently developing a series of mixed media pieces which she calls her ‘Iconic Botanics’. They are large scale pieces comprising acrylic painted backgrounds with 3-D embroidered plants.IMG_3101 (2)

“I am particularly drawn to the detail of the Cornish landscape – namely the plants and wild flowers that are in abundance.  For me, the structure, texture and colour of the plants are an intrinsic part of the landscape.

It is all to do with the old adage: ‘Looking but not seeing’. It is so easy to overlook the beauty and detail of individual plants when one is faced with a Cornish hedgerow, for example.  My pictures are not intended to be botanical studies. They are a manifestation of my observations of plants as I walk my dog. They are my ‘homage’ to the common plant.”

Kathleen Holt


Kathleen is a second year textiles student at Falmouth University.IMG_3431  She was Jane’s buddy and she made a wonderful blog of her responses to Jane’s buddy box – you can see it here:

(Warning:  it will make you want to embroider…)

Linda Attwell

IMG_3289My name is Linda Attwell. I am an artist and have lived in Penryn for forty three years.  I attended  Falmouth School of Art in 1990 to study Art and  Design. I am married with three very lovely IMG_3098grown up children and two grandchildren.

I hope to carry on my art practice in the future, I feel art is something that you do not retire from.

Mia Idiens

IMG_3491Mia is studying on the textiles degree course at Falmouth University.IMG_3097

Myrtle Farrell

IMG_3416I make garments  for children, male and female, using fabric as well as paper. I also design and  make my own pattern.  I do hand embroidery  for example, drawn thread work,  decorative stitches, smoking stitches and   cross stitch. Machine embroidery, cut work and  applique.   Cushion,  design  and  make canvas work  stitches. I make block-unit patchwork and patchwork quilt. Crochet dresses and jumper; knitted  dresses in Arran pattern, plaited  rugs,IMG_3111 handmade hook rugs, wall hanging  and drawing with machine. I make fascinators using  oyster shell.

(You can read more about Myrtle and her fascinating history: Making things Myrtle Farrell)

Pippa Bray

IMG_3404I am a seamstress and textile artist.  I am also a wife, mother of five, grandmother of four grandsons; I have three cats, three dalmations, one lodger and two shops.

For most of my life, I have earned my living by sewing.  I have run my business Make Do & Mend for the last BRYONY STOKES_CARE_PRODUCER_5twelve years.  Although I make my living by sewing for others, my enjoyment is in creative textiles.

Pippa is continuing on to the second phase of the project.

Rosie Moss

Picture2Rosie is studying on a postgraduate degree in textiles in Birmingham.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Zoe Etter

IMG_3414Zoe is doing a degree in textiles at Falmouth University.IMG_3099

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