In Phase One of the project we had two centres for the project  – Falmouth and Birmingham.  We found crafters in the local communities that expressed an interest in sharing their skills with others, and we asked them to create a “buddy box” – a selection of objects that expressed something about their relationship to doing craft.  Our filmmakers, Bryony Stokes (Falmouth) and Joseph Potts, filmed our participants talking about their relationship with crafting (that’s the reflective side of things).  After a meeting with the contents of the box, and a look at the film (Falmouth), or with the box and the participant (Birmingham), the buddies met.  This was filmed too, and the buddies asked to reflect on the process and the media involved.  We learnt so much from this, and from the knowledge sharing event we held in May.


In the second phase of the project we’ll be connecting with crafters further afield.  All of the participants’ profiles (including the introductory films), and the films of the buddy meetings, are here.


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