MTT digital platform

Making Things Together is an online platform that helps people come together to learn and share through creative making. Screenshot 2014-06-23 07.20.49

It started when we realised that people communicate differently when they are making; listen more and with concentration, take care about what they say and how they say it, take time and reflect, open up, become absorbed, form connections and sometimes even share very private memories, thoughts and aspirations. Screenshot 2014-06-23 08.28.11

We use the term ‘small stories of making’ to describe these interactions, which means not only spoken and written exchanges, but also how these are intertwined with our shifting thoughts and feelings about the processes of making and sharing, and the objects that we make. We think that there is something really distinctive about this, and Making Things Together aims to help creative makers explore, capture and reflect on the ‘small stories of making’ and the various ways in which these might help us better communicate and connect, with others and ourselves.Screenshot 2014-06-23 07.21.39
So, if you are interested in connecting through making please sign up for the Making Things Together site and start sharing!


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