Research questions for participants

Crafting, Creative Making and Community Assets:

The project started with the aim to identify, explore and find ways to collaboratively realise some of the assets and wider benefits within community crafting. What do you think of when we talk about community crafting and creative making as assets?

Has this changed as a result of being in the project?

Has your ability to access some of these assets changed?

Do you have a sense of ownership over your group, the work, ideas and learning that have emerged or is this ownership located elsewhere (a different agency or organisation for instance)?

Where might you take your learning from your experience of the project in the future? Might you, for instance, continue the group, set up another, start a business, volunteer with an organisation, continue learning etc.?

Are there any barriers to doing this and how might these be overcome?


How do you understand the aims of the project? What has the project meant to you?

How has the crafting/creative making process affected conversations in the group? Has it helped, changed things or got in the way? Can you give an example to demonstrate this?

Who or what has had most influence on what happens in your group and how the project develops?

Has this changed over time in any way?

Have you been able to influence decisions that have been made in the group? What difference has your contribution made to what the group has done?

What has your group achieved in terms of developing the project? Has it changed as you have gone along and if so could you say how and why?

To what extent and how might your group be sustained in the future?

Co-creation and collaboration:

Is making together different from making on your own? If so could you explain and how and why?

How would you characterise relations within your group (friendly, respectful, informal, hostile, unhelpful etc.) and has this changed over time?

Are some people quieter and/or more on the edges of the group? Are there different ways of contributing?

Has your group interacted with other groups/individuals and what has that process been like?

How have ideas and information been shared? Is there a good understanding amongst all participants about what you are doing and why?

Do project members (academics, partners and community groups) contribute on an equal basis to discussions? For example by framing and developing the project and making decisions about analysis and research?

Do you think that participants understand , trust and respect one another? Has this changed during the project?

Are you aware of any difference of opinion or priorities amongst members of your group at any time? If so what have they been and how have you resolved them?

Are some members of the group more powerful than others? If so how has this been expressed in practice? (ie what makes you say this?)

Do some members of the group appear not to get on so well? And if conflicts or differences have arisen how have they been handled?

Do you think that you have learnt something new from making things together? If so could you describe what that is?

Describe the some things that you have shared with others in making things together? What effect has that had on you?

Has the ongoing process of reflection during the group work made you think about yourself, your work and/or your group differently?

Does the experience of making things together encouraged a more equal, collaborative approach in any way? Can you give an example from your experience of the project?

How has involvement in this project helped your community group or organisation to develop or take a slightly new direction?

Have links with external agencies and other stakeholders improved?

The project has brought people from different backgrounds together. Has this thrown up any surprises and if so could you describe these?

Has making together helped groups and individuals find common ground in any way? If so could you describe how? When has finding common ground not been possible and why do you think?

Community – nature and how changes over time:

Would you describe yourself as a group person? Why did you join this group?

Do you think there is something distinctive about how a crafting group operates? If so how would you describe this and can you give some examples from your experience of this project?

What networks/friendships/connections have you developed from working in your group and has this changed over the life of the project?

Are people able to interact more easily or differently? Could you give an example of this?

Do you think the project has helped people develop a shared identity and increased sense of belonging to a group or a wider community?

Have you taken what you have learnt in the group into any other aspects of your life or work?

Impact and Co-reflection/discovery:

What has worked well in this project?

Where do you think there could be improvements and how might these be made?

As a result of participating in this project has your work changed in any way?

Have your aspirations changed in any way?

As a result of participating in this project do you feel more confident that you could take your craft skills further by, for instance, running your own group or volunteering to work on other craft projects run by Craftspace, Bealtaine, Voluntary Arts or similar organisations.

Are you interested in undertaking further training and/or taking your work further by finding ways to show or sell your work?

What more could be done, or how could things be done differently to support you in this?

Do you envisage any changes in thinking and policy that could be useful for central and local government, universities or voluntary sector organisations to support this kind of work?

What do you think we are learning about how organisations (universities, charities, voluntary sector organisations etc.) work with community groups?

What would you say is the most significant thing that you have learnt from taking part in this project? And what is the evidence for this?




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