Buddy meeting brief


Welcome to the ‘buddy meeting’ and thanks so much for your involvement in the project so far.  This is where the things start to get really interesting and we ask you to begin the process of talking about your work, and sharing thoughts and responses. As ever, the central aim of this project is to be as collaborative as possible and for you to be an active partner in the process and, above all, to relax and enjoy yourselves!

To help you through the second phase of filming we have constructed the following framework as a guide. Remember it is a guide only, to ensure that we have some continuity between the films to aid comparison. It’s not intended to limit or restrict what you say in any way.  We want you to be your lovely selves; that’s what made the first set of films so enjoyable.

The film is organised into four parts:

  1. 1.    Respondents:

We are hoping that you all kept some form of reflective diary/sketchbook/podcast so please bring them along to the session along with your work and the original objects that you received in the boxes/bags so that we can include all these in the filming session.

  • First we would like you to describe your work and the creative/thinking process; how you arrived at what you have made the thinking process you went through to get there. Try to illustrate all points you are making by referring to your work and/or the objects you were given so that we can get a very clear visual picture to accompany your words.

Things to consider include: What were your thoughts when you saw the objects or items in the shoeboxes/bags?  Did your response change once you’d seen the film? What struck you first about the film?  How did you go begin developing ideas for your piece, did you draw, note down ideas, try out some stitches etc.?  What kind of techniques or processes did you use and why?  What kind of materials did you use and why?  Did you start to use skills and processes you were familiar with or try out new ones and, if you did, how did this go?  Was there pressure to finish a piece?  How do you feel about what you have done? Are you surprised at it and has the exercise pushed you out of your comfort zone and encouraged you to try something new, or do you feel more ambivalent about the results?

2. Original creators:

Now it’s your turn.  Once you have seen what your ‘buddy’ respondent has done we would like to know your thoughts.

Things to consider include: Is this what you expected? Are you surprised, or not and if so why?  Has the respondent made you think differently about your work in any way, and if so how?  What are your feelings on seeing what your ‘buddy’ has done and hearing about the creative processes they used?  Has this exchange confirmed your thoughts and feelings about what you do and how you do it, or do you feel or think differently about it after having seeing it through someone else’s eyes?

  1. End: Altogether Now: we would like to end with ONE final thought/reflection from each person involved about the project – what they have got out of it and whether the process of making short films is a useful way of learning through sharing.

Dr. Fiona Hackney and Mary Loveday- Edwards


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