The Films

You can see all the films that Bryony Stokes made for Phase 2 of our project here:

The films were a really important part of Phase 1.  They were a method of communicating, and they were beautifully crafted things in their own right.  A lot of the discussion around Phase 1’s strengths and weaknesses centred on the films.  They were attractive, and drew people in, but they were clearly mediated (skilfully) and we have been wondering what that, and the process of being entertained by them, did to the process of reflection.

You will get a great idea about this from the film Bryony made for the Edinburgh showcase event, where the project so far was given a public platform:

And here are the videos of the participants for Phase 1 in Cornwall.  As explained, in this area the participants were filmed separately before taking part, and then the “buddy films” show them meeting up and looking at the work that was made.  So here are the participant films:

And here are the films of the participants in Cornwall meeting up:

We have some slides of the meetings of the Birmingham buddies:

Myrtle and Dawn powerpoint

Elsie and Rosie powerpoint


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