How are your bunnies?

What is everyone doing with their bunnies from Sue’s workshop?  Mine is propped up in my sitting room, overseeing events.  My bunny looked a little bit uncertain, perhaps because his eyes don’t…quite…match…It is amazing how the tiniest of differences make the character begin to appear.  I’m caught halfway between seeing “Fred” (the name my bunny seemed to develop as he was made) as an evocative object in the mould of what Sherry Turkle calls ‘things we think with’, or this:


Which immediately gives me a case of automatonophobia.*

However, in order to offset the idea that things we make that have faces, or that we have in our houses (and maybe chat to, or maybe we don’t, errrr…) must be creepy, I give you the Moomin Cafe, in Tokyo.

moomin cafeApparently the toys are offered to diners so that they don’t get lonely if they are eating alone.

moomin cafe

I’m not entirely convinced it helps them feel less lonely.

But it’s a nice thought.

*fear of anything falsely representing a sentient being, including ventriloquist dummies.

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1 Response to How are your bunnies?

  1. Jo McIntosh says:

    Since Sue’s workshop I made a friend for Leonard called Ruby and they spend a lot of time sitting together on my sofa but so far have not managed to produce any more bunnies between them! Leonard has just come back from a weekend in London where he visited several places and met my daughters. I will be posting photos soon.

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