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46ZjGe6k1r3Nfid3Vgj_7ZCCukV5mpTTcxrxFi7r_OUThe Making Things Together sharing site is now live and we are in the process of matching people who want to share their skills, connect with other crafters, and be inspired by their interactions!

All you have to do is register on the site and you will be paired with another crafter.  Then for three weeks you will (once a week) share what you’ve done with your crafting buddy.  At the end of three weeks you share with the rest of the site what you’ve made during the time.  (It’s not a public site, but the other people who’ve joined will get to see your gorgeous creations.)

For us on the project, we get to see how you talk about crafting and why you’d talk and craft with someone else.  For you, we hope the format will get you creating and inspire you to do something new, or share something with a new buddy (or an old buddy!).

It’s really easy to join so please go along to the site and have a go.  Any problems do please drop me a mail at and I’ll sort it for you.

Have fun!

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