Making Things Together at the Poly – Sue Bamford, Bunny Love

Next Saturday, 26th April, Sue Bamford (here she is, on the right) will be running the Poly workshP4op.  Sue has a project which began as a way of reusing and re-loving the lost property clothes that ended up in a pile at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

“1,000 Bunnies aims to create a positive reaction to waste materials. Each is made from abandoned garments from the Eden Project, clothing left behind by visitors to an environmental charity. The bunnies ask to be picked up, to be cherished, and make you re-evaluate your relationship to waste.My work aims to explore small-scale actions with a practice based on the idea of a joyful expectation of failure. Know that your actions won’t single-handedly change the world, but do it anyway. It is the attempt itself that is valuable.

Sue Bamford bunnies

Sue Bamford bunnies

These actions might be small, as one stuffed bunny is small, but 1,000 Bunnies shows physically the results of repeated small actions towards sustainable living.”

Sue is going to lead a workshop on making bunnies next Saturday, and you will be able to take one home.

If you have already been to a Poly workshop we’ll contact you about this one, or you can keep an eye on facebook – message us there, or on here, to find out more or book a place.  See you there!

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