Shane Waltener at the Poly

On Saturday we had another great workshop at the Poly in Falmouth, this time with Shane Waltener (I wrote about him in this earlier post).  It centred around ideas to do with instruction – how we give each other instructions to share skills, and how we might code instructions in writing or otherwise.  We had some fibre or string, some tools like knitting needles or crochet hooks, and some paper and pencils and pens.

Firstly we got into pairs and one person showed the other a skill.  The second person then attempted to write the instructions down.  Then the instructions were given to another pair to try to complete.

Obviously there was an element of frustration here! – but it did show in a very visceral way both what the limitations of written instructions were, and flagged up what might be good or better ways to write instructions.  We ended up with a wall display of items created, either by direct instruction or by following the written instructions.  There was certainly a wide variety…

I’ll post photos soon.  It was a great morning – please do get in touch if you’d like to come to any of the upcoming workshops.  You can keep an eye on the Poly workshops by looking under the Making Things Together drop down menu in the bar above.  Here are the dates:

  • 22 March – textiles
  • 26 April – bunnies!
  • 24 May – glass
  • 28 June – textiles

ALSO:  the lovely Jo McIntosh came to Shane’s workshop, and I’ll just mention here that she has a 10 week creative textile course starting Wednesday 5th March in St Ives.  Please call her on 01736 797122 or email for further details.

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