New! Improved! A return, anyway.

Hello all readers and followers of Co-Creating CARE, old and new friends.

We have had a hiatus of sorts as we’ve been trying to nut out what our direction for Phase 2 of the project will be.  At last we are on the way with our digital platform in development, a co-design workshop with crafters from around our local communities in Falmouth under our belt, and a renewed sense of direction and purpose.*

Our workshop on co-design consisted of a number of exercises adapted and led by our design team for the sharing platform (Making Things Together).  Its aim was to find out what drew people to craft, and what might draw them to sharing processes, thoughts and reflectioTeam-Page-Mr-X-Stitchns on their crafting together, in person and online.  It was a significant step in our co-creating processes.  We held it at the Poly, Falmouth, and Jamie Chalmers (Mr X-Stitch) came along.  (He was really charming and funny, and we loved having him there.)  We got lots of responses to think about, found that the Poly was a great venue for all sorts of events, and some of the people we invited decided to take things further, forming a group to organise further crafting events at the Poly.  You can find out about them here, with more information to come as the events get closer.  (But see dates, below**)

BUT the first event to tell you about is one that is coming up in just over 2 w130914.5602060eeks.  The fantastic Shane Waltener is going to lead a workshop at the Poly.  His work is fascinating.  He is increasingly working in the areas of interactive and participatory art, and he has some fascinating examples on his blog.  Interestin131124.05.130412.P1040071smlgly, on this blog I found some thoughts about working collaboratively that are so close to what we are examining with this project that it is almost scary (or, alternatively, interestingly zeitgeist-y):

We also discussed the idea of creative collaboration (see also collaborating with myself and don’t tell me, show me!) which led me to suggest to Julian that we develop a piece of work by exchanging something we’ve made, or maybe even an idea, then transforming it in some way, before handing it back and repeating this process.  It’ll be something of a game of creative chinese whispers, a conversation through making, until both of us have a sense that something have been achieved or resolved, even if it’s only a reflection on the creative journey we’ve travelled.

Spooky, eh?

Shane’s is the first in a series of workshops being run at the Poly by a group of people who got together after the co-creation workshop and who decided that they needed and wanted more of the same kind of getting-together-and-doing-and-talking thing.  We are absolutely delighted that things we had not foreseen are spinning (heh) out of the workshop.

For further information about the activities you can look here, on our facebook page, or contact me via the comments section.  Alternatively, look on Christiane’s or Sue’s blogs.  But keep the following dates** in your diary, as they are booked in at the Poly!

  • 22 Feb – Shane Waltener
  • 22 March – TBC
  • 26 April – Sue Bamford (bunnies – check out bunnylove)
  • 24 May – Corinna Butler (glass)

Also, if you are interested, please, please do subscribe to the blog, and you will find out about all the developments and ideas.  It would be great to see you here, on facebook, on the platform, or in person.

Shane Waltener, Oleander

Shane Waltener, Oleander

*Note:  it probably helps that the sun is shining, at least for a while in amongst the wild weather.  Perhap1619586_729861950372299_1712293517_ns being cut off from the rest of the UK encourages us to Make Our Own Fun…

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