Making Things Together

Making Things Together is the title of the next phase of our journey here in Falmouth and Penryn.  We are looking for crafters who would be interested in co-creating a digital sharing platform where they can meet, share skills and enthusiasms, and be mentored and mentor fellow crafters in developing their crafting.mtg

If you are interested, we are having a meeting on 11th December at the Stuart Stephen Memorial Hall in Penryn, at 10 a.m.  Refreshments will be provided!  And we’d love to see how you might like such a platform to serve your needs and wants.

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2 Responses to Making Things Together

  1. Hi- i’m very interested in this. I’m based in Penryn, have a studio there and work at Falmouth Uni as Social Media Assistant. I know the December meeting was cancelled, but if there is any information about the January one please let me know. I am very interested in your project as a whole and would love to talk to you about it at some point.

    • Hi Camilla, I know you! If you want to come along to one of the Saturday meets at the Poly and make something, please do, or contact me to arrange a meet. Email is on the Contact Us page 🙂

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