CARE in the academic community

Last Thursday I went to a conference held by The Centre for Pedagogic Arts-based Research (Pedare).  This is a locus for pedagogic studies at Falmouth University researching e-learning, pure pedagogic research, performance based pedagogy and visual thinking. It aims to work collaboratively to advance the practice and theory of pedagogic research within the arts curriculum.

IMG_3235The key theme was looking at the impacts of the changing HE environment on current practice in arts-based subjects and the key drivers included  education technology and innovation and need for new approaches to creativity.  One of our practice researchers, Hannah Maughan, had been asked to show some of the work she’d done for the CARE project (you can see her work and notes here).  This was prominently displayed and many people spent quite some time looking at her work and her notes about it.  When I asked people what most interested them in the work, there was a pretty even split between being interested in the use of technology to reinterpret traditional embroidery, and in the use of technology to take notes and reflect on the process involved in the reinterpretations.  It was a lovely display and generated a lot of interest.  Thanks Hannah for the display!Hannahwork

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