Bryony has been doing some filming with the creative participants here in Cornwall and there have been some great conversations – our participants are very g46ZjGe6k1r3Nfid3Vgj_7ZCCukV5mpTTcxrxFi7r_OUenerous with their time and their stories.

At the moment we are saving the “full reveal” about the participants because the creative responders are getting some pieces of work “blind” – without knowing much about the creators of the first pieces.  They will get a shoebox with some items in – something that is important to the creators, and something they’ve made.  Then the responders will craft a response to those things, using the shoe box item as the only source of information about the creators (this is the way we’re doing it in Cornwall, not elsewhere).  In this case we are investigating what it is like to use only the information held in the items to begin a relationship with the person who made them (or who tells the story of an object).  Later on the creators and the responders will meet.

So for now, not too much given away on here.  But one of the creators said something last week that is wo4NINfDKWZdpV_Tf0qO9ghEpVwxKoBHN0jw1CvFtZEmErth sharing, just because they make us think about – well, crafting, creativity, and all sorts of things…

“Your emotional life affects how creative you are…it’s hard to be creative if you’re not happy…but if you’re creative and you’re busy it also keeps you happy…”

More meetings with creators this week, and the shoe boxes are being shared very soon now.  Exciting!

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